When you are chased by three ruthless bandits, the wound in the stomach does not want to stop bleeding and the bag filled with gold is getting heavy, you will need something more than three rounds to survive.



Shady interests, scores, revenge – away from the hustle and bustle of the city you will find its brutal finale in the quiet heart of a pine forest. Each of the heroes of this bloody confrontation soon discovers his place in the food chain.



After doing some things you don't want to look at yourself in a mirror. Especially this mirror.




„THREE” at Suspens Film Festival

Experience a thrill during sunny day at the beach. Watch „THREE” at Suspense Film Festival in Kołobrzeg :) (


We've got it!

We're returning from the battle in the mountains. After seven days of intense fight we're heading to Warsaw with best movie material we've ever made. Destination: editing room.


„THREE” shooting in Bieszczady Mountains.

It seemed impossible and yet we are here and we're rolling :) Mountain air, noise of river San, sun, revolvers, rifles, camera, action!


Méliès Award for Semper Fidelis

Our film „Semper Fidelis” received the prestigious Méliès Award at the Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei. Thus he found himself in the group of 22 films that will compete for the award of the best European short fantasy film in 2017 ( - European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation). Wow!


Conquest of Gniezno!

2 films - 2 awards! łOŁ! - for „Food Chain Complexity...” and Ikar for „Semper Fidelis” are coming to us straight from the OFFeliada Film Festival in Gniezno.


„Food Chain Complexity…” ONLINE!

After nearly 40 festival screenings and wining prizes in the country and abroad (including the best film, the best screenplay and the best actor performance), we proudly present our feature short:


„Food Chain Complexity…” got the best screenplay :)

„Food Chain Complexity in Afforested Grounds” won the best screenplay award at the B-Retina festival in Barcelona. Could not be different. After all, our film is the adaptation of the award-winning comic book by Sztybor and Karol Barski. It's obvious that the script is great ;)


Ttriumph! Victory! Win!

Hailed by Italians (apparently in love with our film) funnier than „Ida”, „Food Chain Complexity in Afforested Grounds” won the main prize at the Taglia Corti festival in Trieste! (Sztybor receives it at the attached photo.)


Valentine's premiere of the movie „Semper Fidelis”

At Centrum Zarządzania Światem we showed our new feature short „Semper Fidelis” with our earlier productions of „There is Nothing to be Silent About”, „Master of Zen” and „Into the Dark Woods”. The title of the event was: „Short movies about fear and love” (we were scared a little and the audience loved it ;)).